Compatible with all major Smart TV platforms

Android Box

SmartPay - The Smart TV Global In-App Billing Solution

The Credit Card billing solution that eliminates customers' 'Pain of Paying'!

SmartTV Content
  • Fully secured environment, PCI compliant.
  • Entire transaction is completed on the TV screen, using only the remote control.
  • Worldwide solution - accepting all major credit cards in 50+ currencies.
  • Easy to purchase - user creates a personal PIN code, which can be used for all purchases from now on - no need to enter credit card details again.
Boost your app conversion ratio and satisfaction rates by keeping users
focused on your content - not on reaching it!
  • Single or recurring payments support
  • Cross-Platform and cross-App
  • Doesn't require any user registration, or pre-existing user account
  • Grace period support for recurring payments

SmartPay - Easy To Integrate: Copy - Paste - Sell

The 5-minute guide to start accepting payments in your Smart TV app.
As simple as copying and pasting 2 lines of code

SmartTV Content
  • STEP 1: Open a Free SmartPay Account at
  • STEP 2: Get Your Product ID and Embed Code
  • STEP 3: Paste the 2 lines of code into your Smart TV app and Start Selling!

Fit for Professional and Novice Developers

SmartTV Billing
  • Quick Mode - copy, past, sell. Set your product price, currency and recurrence and start billing immediately.
  • Advanced Mode - for more sophisticated integration with your CMS, CRM or other server-side infrastructure, we offer dynamic Server Side Notifications, verifications and invoicing engines - Completely Free!
  • Full web-based dynamic control over products - no need to resubmit your app when you update products pricing or specs.
  • Central Developer Dashboard - manage multiple applications, products and monetization methods - all from the same Developer account.

SmartPay - Customer Use - as easy as changing the channel

SmartTV Billing
  • User enters Credit Card details using remote control digits only
  • User creates PIN for future transactions
  • Next transactions on all apps - require only the PIN to purchase!
    Credit card details are "Out of sight - Out of mind".